7 Tips to help you plan your sick and awesome wedding

From an intimate beach elopement to a big room wedding. You can make it awesome!
If you just started to plan your wedding, it could look like an overwhelming and long process. If you have been planning your wedding you might be thinking “Shit! This is harder than I thought!” but it doesn’t have to be. Not at all!

Planning your biggest day, your biggest party, can be both enjoyable and memorable. You are not alone, you have a whole team by your side! Now gather your team, plan your strategy and start checking those boxes all the way to the final… and bring the trophy home! (sports reference, boom!)

I’ve put together a few tips that I hope will help you on your journey. Let’s go. You got this!

7 Tips to help you plan your sick and awesome wedding

    1. You’re making a check list, and checking it twice.
      Having a trimmed and sorted guest list might be the hardest and most important decision you and your fiancé will make so keep in mind your Cost Per Head. This will help with finding the right venue and catering. The good news is that small weddings are very popular these days and more manageable.
    2. Keep a tight guest list. This will help you so much.
    3. Knock Knock. Who’s there? your Fiancé.
      Focusing on planning the perfect wedding might make you forget that you have a Fiancé, lol and guess what? They’re willing to help! He/She also has ideas and opinions. Give them some responsibilities. Guys usually like to get involved with the music, menu, or finances. Hear them out because after all, it’s their day too.
    4. Make it YOU.
      Your wedding day is about you. Incorporate the things that make you both unique. From the cake and the outfits to the table decor. All of your guests will be seeing these things and thinking “That’s so them!”. Make it YOU. Let the world see why you’re so awesome!
    5. Look out the window. Listen to Mother Nature and make sure your outfits fit in with the season. Don’t be a dummy like me and wear a 3 piece suit for my outdoor wedding in August… in Florida. make sure you both are as comfortable as possible and always have a plan B for a rainy day. The forecast might say Sunny and Clear but if you live in Florida, you know how that goes. Mother Nature can be a little sneaky. Always be one step ahead of her.
    6. “I don’t have friends, I have Family” – Dom Toretto, Fast 7
      Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times but don’t sweat it! Ask a close family member or your Ride or Die to help out, someone you trust. The closer the person the better because that way you can be more honest when things aren’t going exactly as you envisioned. Your family and BFF’s will have your back through it all.
    7. Be your own documentarian.
      Cellphones are a great tool to use while planning your greatest day. Take pictures and videos of everything! The food you both try, the venues you both visit, the dresses you are deciding on, the people involved, etc. Not only this will help you make decisions via visuals but years from now, it will be a great way to experience the moments leading to your wedding day.

Don’t forget the most important part
If you ever feel overwhelmed during the wedding planning process just take a step back and remember the most important part. Whether you’re getting married in a palace or in someone’s back yard, you are marrying the person you love the most. thats’s all that matters. Cheers!



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